Science Nuggets

Call for Science Nuggets!

To scientists using EarthScope data for an EarthScope-funded project:

The EarthScope National Office is highlighting the scientific achievements of the EarthScope program. We intend the compilation, Science Nuggets, to include catchy, short, non-technical and visually pleasing one-page highlights of your research results.

You have likely already gathered the information we seek for another progress report, for NSF or for the facility that supported your project. We ask that you supply to the EarthScope National Office the following information so that we can keep track of the multiple achievements of this large NSF-funded program. We will share the information with the scientific community and the public through our website, social media, and other outreach venues. Your scientific version will be available on our article pages (under Science Nuggets tab). Example of the scientific version here and its translated version here.

Please use this online form to provide us with:

·      A catchy title

·      Your award number and years

·      The name(s) and affiliation(s) of your collaborator(s)

·      A 250-word summary/explanation of the project highlights  

·      EarthScope instrumentation/facilities used

·     Up to three location tags: a city, state, or region of investigation

·      At least one high-quality visual (graph, image, figure) formatted as a JPG with a minimum 300 dpi resolution

·      A caption for the figure

·      A list of references related to the project results

You are welcome to provide us with more than one nugget per project. The Office will format each entry for consistency before sharing them. *If you have already submitted a comprehensible summary of your work, just send us that!*

Click here to access the form


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