inSights: the EarthScope newsletter provides a quarterly forum for science and news from EarthScope. Over the past few years, onSite had evolved from a newsletter for landowners hosting USArray sites to one designed to appeal to a broad Earth science audience. The newsletter was redesigned and renamed with the winter 2010 issue.  In Fall 2015, inSights became an electronic-only publication, with printed copies available only on request. As of Winter 2017, inSights has become an online newsletter only, hosting each articles in a new website platform. The newsletter is sent to the entire EarthScope mailing list, as well as to Geoscience departments nationwide.

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PDF copies of all issues previous 2017 can be downloaded below. Post 2017, each article can be individually printed and shared.

Each issue's featured science article, including additional material and references, is available as a PDF file as well as searchable (and linked) online to read, share and print.